Disrupting drug delivery for the global medical market

BioPact is a medical nano-technology development company. BioPact’s MGMR® is a patented unique composition of matter. MGMR has multiple formulations characterizing the surface to bond covalently or non-covalently with large and small molecules. By utilizing MGMR, drug developers can solve challenges in controlled-release, targeted delivery, instability, and toxicity.

MGMR is applicable in drug delivery and gene therapy programs.  The technology can be applied to developing a new product, resurrecting a struggling development program, or extending the protected life of marketed products.

What would happen to the human race if treatments for serious conditions targeted only the site of disease? What if you could take medical treatments used all the time, every day, all over the world and make them better? Medical devices became lighter, stronger, smarter? Drug delivery became more efficient than we thought possible? Life-saving research that never left the lab became commercially viable? What if we could crack a code that has baffled the scientific community for decades?

Enter MGMR; disrupting drug delivery. BioPact, developed in 2014, was created to bring this revolutionary technology to the medical market.