The vision of precision

Biopact is an emerging leader in the targeted transport of biopharmaceuticals for blood and bone diseases. The patented XACTTM technology offers unprecedented control over virtually every aspect of drug delivery—enabling R&D developers to more precisely regulate where, when, and how much medication is delivered to a desired site—enhancing drug efficacy and reducing unwanted toxicity.

Biopact is actively seeking drug-development partners, including an immediate in-licensing opportunity with the  XACT + Doxorubin product; with the impending FDA orphan-drug status in Burkitt’s lymphoma. Biopact is also seeking partners in multiple other blood or bone cancer indications—including any number of non-cancer uses. Applications can be customized to align within our partners pipeline to answer an unmet development need—working to help you overcome such challenges as intracellular drug delivery, gene transport, drug instability, or extending an existing product’s lifecycle.

Together, we can revolutionize drug delivery and improve patients’ lives. Join us.

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