Disrupting drug delivery for the global medical market

BioPact is a biopharmaceutical drug delivery company that exists to save and improve countless lives and positively impact the human condition. BioPact’s novel bio-compatible nanotube technology known as MGMR® is a patented, drug delivery technology.

MGMR is dispersions of tiny, hollow tubules evenly dispersed in a liquid. Each nanotube is approximately 1/10,000th the size of the tip of a pen (~850 nanometers long and 12-15 nanometers in diameter). They are open-ended like a straw and multi-walled - like 10 tiny straws inside each other. MGMR is inert (chemically active).

Small and large molecule drugs may be efficiently loaded on MGMR’s outer surface and inside the hollow interior. MGMR improves drug circulation and naturally targets the bone area, including the blood in and around the bone. This means MGMR naturally transports toxic cancer drugs directly to bone and blood cancers like leukemias, lymphomas, myelomas and sarcomas. This results in more drug getting to the cancer and less to healthy tissue. We have demonstrated in animal models that using MGMR to deliver cancer drugs significantly reduces side effects and enhances overall drug performance.

Drug developers can use MGMR to resolve challenges such as sustained/controlled-release, targeted delivery, intracellular delivery, gene transport, toxicity, and instability. MGMR can be applied to developing a new drug, aiding a struggling drug, improving approved (including generic) drugs and extending drug lifecycle.