BioPact, and part inspiration for our name, is about making an impact. Whether that’s in patient care, or simply in our everyday work environment, BioPact is committed to improving lives. Our mission inspires meaningful careers and fosters integrity-driven innovation.

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Biochemist/Tissue Culture Specialist I


  • Work in a small group of 4-5 chemists, biologists, and materials scientists to aid in the development of a unique carbon nanotube material for medical uses, reporting to the Project Director
  • Build and maintain our tissue culture capability by developing various human cell lines (adherent and non-adherent) for use in a variety of assays
  • Be responsible for the upkeep and storage of all freezer stocks and active cell colonies
  • Conduct in vitro assays designed to test for cell permeation, apoptosis, in-cell effects (protein or nucleic acid)
  • Report writing, lab notebook upkeep, and participation in team meetings

Education and Experience

  • BA/BS + 3+ years experience or MS + 1+ years experience
  • Required areas of study: Biology, Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering, Microbiology
  • Desirable areas of study: Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Synthetic Chemistry, Nanotechnology
  • Experience running a tissue culture facility, or assisting in the upkeep of a tissue culture facility
  • Understanding of nanotechnology and biological applications desirable, but not required
  • Understanding of drug delivery systems, drug transporters (ex. polymer-based, liposome-based, carbon nanotube based) desirable, but not required

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Significant and wide-reaching experience with all aspects of tissue culturing (supply ordering, culture maintenance, splitting, assays, sterile technique)
  • Complete understanding of how to maintain and operate a tissue culture facility with multiple cell types
  • Experience and understanding of typical organic synthesis routes is highly desirable
  • MTT assays and other apoptosis quantifying techniques
  • Working knowledge of cell proliferation, cell metabolism, cell growth, and dell death assays
  • Expert in sterile technique and contamination elimination
  • Protein and DNA handling for use in tissue culture
  • Lipofectamine based transfection or other technique
  • Spectroscopy skills (VIS, UV, Fluorescence)
  • Cell counting skills (Countess, Hemocytometer)
  • 96 well plate assay handling and plate reader expertise (Molecular Devices M5 preferred)
  • Commitment to regulated waste disposal and lab safety measures
  • Basic budgetary skills desirable, but not required
  • Unaided problem solving
  • Online research saavy
  • Willingness to work with toxic chemicals and pharmaceuticals using appropriate PPE
  • Open to regular OSHA mandated health screens
  • Flexible Hours