What Biopact means to us

When you consider the sheer number of uses of our technology, it’s hard to comprehend the potential impact on global health and wellness. While this can create its own set of unique challenges, the magnitude of our work is not lost on any of us. It’s a dynamic, unique and inspired environment; there’s no telling what can happen in a day. To maintain focus we utilize OKRs (objectives + key results) to drive performance. We believe innovation should come from every person within the company, and have developed a culture that values big, audacious ideas. While it’s groundbreaking technology that provides our customers solutions, Biopact’s most valuable asset is the people in and around the organization.

Job opportunities

Associate Researcher

Biopact is seeking an experienced researcher with strong competencies in cell/tissue culture and aseptic technique. The Associate Researcher will assist R&D Staff in carrying out tissue culture studies and preparing nanomaterials. The position entails independently executing studies, collecting, analyzing data and drafting reports.


Research Laboratory Manager

Biopact is seeking a scientist with experience managing a biomaterials laboratory in industrial/academic research settings. The position entails providing oversight and support for day-to-day laboratory operations, technical assistance for scientific staff and fulfilling a project management role in realizing research projects assigned by the Senior Scientist. The position requires analyzing scientific data and drafting technical reports/presentations.

"Our Team is devoted to uncovering new and impacting research while providing the necessary components to encourage growth and development for our scientists." Kevin Castillo Director of Research Operations