Welcome to the intracellular superhighway

XACT™ is a highly-efficient intracellular delivery vehicle, consisting of a stabile dispersion of hollow, nanoscale tubules approximately 1/10,000th the width of a human hair. The high aspect-ratio, nanoscale profile of XACT allows it to readily penetrate cells without compromising membrane integrity or inducing cytotoxicity. Its high surface-to-volume ratio and tunable surface chemistry allow it to readily transport both small and large-molecular payloads into the cytoplasm, including growth factors, oligonucleotides, proteins and gene-editing complexes.

Biopact has evaluated the cytotoxicity profile of XACT across multiple cell-lines and investigated safety and efficacy in murine biodistribution and clearance models. Our in vivo studies demonstrate that XACT is biologically-inert, well-tolerated and rapidly cleared from non-targeted tissues. In a murine therapeutic model, XACT loaded with doxorubicin (Dox) demonstrated a remarkable capability to rapidly concentrate drug in targeted tissues and extend half-life of its molecular cargo.

Promising assessments of intracellular delivery performance in different eukaryotic cell-types suggest the potential for developing XACT as a biomolecular delivery vehicle for various expression platforms and cell-factories of interest to agricultural and industrial applications, including mammalian cell-lines, yeasts, bacteria and plants. Robust cellular uptake observed with XACT offers the potential to deliver molecular payloads to difficult-to-penetrate cell-types or those acutely sensitive to detergents and other conventional methods for transmembrane delivery.

XACT is a vehicle for large and small-molecules, a delivery system for gene-editing complexes and enables new processes in agricultural biotechnology and cell-based biomanufacturing.