Broad utility

Promising assessments of intracellular delivery performance in different cell-types suggest the potential for developing MGMR® as a biomolecular delivery vehicle for diverse cell-types and expression platforms of interest to therapeutic, biomanufacturing, agricultural and industrial applications.

Robust cellular uptake observed with MGMR offers the potential to deliver molecular payloads to difficult-to-penetrate cell-types or those acutely sensitive to detergents and other conventional methods for transmembrane delivery.

In a murine therapeutic model, MGMR loaded with doxorubicin (Dox) demonstrated a remarkable capability to rapidly concentrate drug in targeted tissues and extend half-life of its molecular cargo.

Excellent cytotoxicity profile

Biopact has evaluated the cytotoxicity profile of MGMR across multiple cell-lines and investigated safety and efficacy in murine biodistribution and clearance models. Our in vivo studies demonstrate that MGMR is biologically-inert, well-tolerated and rapidly cleared from non-targeted tissues.

Work with us

Biopact offers a simple process to test MGMR’s delivery capability with your payload

Intracellular delivery of your biomolecule is within reach

Upload the biomolecule<br/>of your choice

Upload the biomolecule
of your choice

Transport it to your desired<br/>intracellular location

Transport it to your desired
intracellular location

Control when and how much<br/>of it is delivered

Control when and how much
of it is delivered

Biopact offers a simple process to test MGMR’s delivery capability with your payload
Load MGMR’s tunable surface chemistry is tailored for loading a specific molecular cargo
Release Biopact measures release kinetics for efficient offloading
Deliver Biopact and partners determine performance improvements in their system enabled by MGMR
Implement Biopact works with partners to integrate the MGMR delivery system in existing processes