the carbon nanotube solution for the global medical market

BioPact is a medical nano-technology development company. BioPact’s Medical Grade MOLECULAR REBAR®(MGMR®), is a unique composition of matter derived from carbon nanotubes. MGMR are discrete (individual), free of impurities, open-ended, length controlled and surface functionalized carbon nanotubes. The unique physical and chemical properties of these tubes overcome the limitations of traditional dirty, tangled carbon nanotube bundles. Drugs or other substances may be loaded inside the hollow tubes or bonded to the exterior. The tubes themselves may be sensitized, and thus used as a therapeutic, or to improve the performance of a wide variety of materials used in medical devices.

MGMR is applicable in drug delivery, gene therapy, regenerative medicine, biosensor, orthotic, device and diagnostic development programs.  The technology can be applied to developing a new product, resurrecting a struggling development program or improving/extending the protected life of marketed products.

By utilizing MGMR, drug developers can resolve challenges such as controlled-release, targeted delivery, transdermal delivery, toxicity, instability, passing through the blood-brain barrier, just to name a few. Device developers can improve devices and their components by taking advantage of MGMR’s ability to be scaffolded, put into arrays, and utilize their highly conductive properties. Diagnostic developers can use the unique qualities of the tubes to act as carriers, targeters and signalers, as well as to sensitize the tube itself for special purpose diagnostics.

BioPact is in the process of arranging collaborations with developers to bring MGMR - enabled products to market.