Kent Phelps
Kent PhelpsChief Executive Officer

Kent launched Biopact in 2014 with co-founder and lead investor Randy Kinsel. Kent and Randy later established Biopact as a joint venture with the inventors of XACTTM, Kurt Swogger and Dr. Clive Bosnyak. Under Kent’s leadership, Biopact successfully negotiated the initial license and supply agreement with the inventors; created and implemented the 5 year business plan; raised the seed funding; recruited the management and scientific team; built the Biopact/XACT brand; fostered relationships with insiders, key opinion leaders and top scientists in the nano-drug delivery community; initiated research centered on proving the XACT breakthrough as a potential targeted nano-drug delivery technology; and established ongoing meaningful dialogue with potential big pharma partners.

Amber Halvorson
Amber HalvorsonChief Operating Officer

Amber Halvorson brings 20 years of experience to her role as Chief Operating Officer; leading companies from start-up, through turnaround, and into the growth phase of development. Her operational role at Biopact ensures the company’s ability to commercially scale and expand its global footprint.  She provides the leadership, management, and vision necessary to ensure proper operational controls, administrative and reporting procedures, and systems in place to ensure financial strength and operating efficiency.  Prior to Biopact, Amber held leadership positions in the financial, technology, and healthcare sectors.  Her leadership philosophy is shaped by the diverse nature of her work experience, believing that even the best technologies require optimization and inspired human capital.

Lainie Mulvanny
Lainie MulvannyVP Business Development

Lainie Mulvanny is the Vice President of Business Development at Biopact. She is focused on corporate and academic collaborations to develop XACT enabled products for medical use. She is responsible for the assessment of unmet needs in the drug delivery space and the development of strategies for Biopact’s partnering-focused development model. Prior to joining Biopact, Lainie was a Clinical Science Specialist at Sanofi Genzyme responsible for market assessment, customer support and sales forecasting. Prior to that, Lainie held positions of increasing responsibility ending as Disease Focused Specialty Representative at Merck. Her responsibilities at Merck involved detailing prescription drugs for cardiovascular, metabolism and respiratory disease, as well as vaccines to doctors in Arizona. Prior to that, she held sales representative positions at Zila Pharmaceuticals and Ciba Vision. Lainie earned a BA in Behavioral Sciences at California State Polytechnic University – Pomona.

Tena Jamieson
Tena JamiesonDirector of Operations

Tena Jamieson is the Director of Operations at BioPact. She brings 25 years of experience in business management, logistics, human resources, and administration.  Her vast experience includes optimizing operations to position start-up companies to grow and develop into thriving organizations. Tena analyzes business processes and designs improvements that foster collaboration.  Her operational effectiveness is guided by designing strategies that emphasize action, communication, urgency, and a commitment to excellence among every member of the team.

Milos Marinkovic, Ph.D.
Milos Marinkovic, Ph.D.Senior Scientist

Milos Marinkovic, Ph.D. is the Senior Scientist at BioPact. Milos graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, where he earned a B.S. in Biochemistry with a Distinction in Research. He earned his doctorate in Biomedical Engineering from the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio. His research focused on directing the fate of human stem cells by developing physiologically-specific microenvironments from cell-assembled and synthetic materials. This work resulted in two NIH-funded grants and several publications, including Matrix Biology (2016). Milos brings his background in biomaterials and cellular biochemistry to Biopact, where he will develop pharmaceutical and therapeutic applications of XACT.

Aaron Tasset
Aaron TassetResearch and Development Scientist

Aaron Tasset is a Research and Development Scientist for Biopact. Aaron joined Biopact in 2015 as part of its founding scientific team. Since that time, Aaron has designed, led, and performed many significant studies that have built a robust data set for the formulation and application of XACT in various medical uses. Aaron received his degree in biomedical engineering from the University of Miami, with specialization in cellular and tissue engineering. During his undergraduate work, he developed excellent laboratory techniques and knowledge that allow him to meaningfully contribute to the generation of necessary data to position XACT as an invaluable biotechnology in the pharmaceutical industry. Aaron is passionate about being at the forefront of a groundbreaking technology that has the potential to positively impact the lives of so many people.

Biopact Ventures, LLC Member Group

Kurt Swogger, PE
Kurt Swogger, PEManaging Member, Inventor, Co-founder

Kurt Swogger, PE is a Managing Member, Inventor and Co-founder of Biopact. Kurt’s role as LLC Managing Member is comparable to Chairman of the Board. Kurt is co-inventor of XACT and holds many patents. Kurt began his career at The Dow Chemical Company in 1972. While there, he held positions in research, manufacturing, and marketing in the Ag Chemicals, Consumer Products, and Polyolefins businesses. In 2003, he was appointed Vice President of R&D and was responsible for polystyrene, automotive, engineering plastics, building and construction products, rubber, and thermosets. In 2005, he was named R&D Vice President for the Performance Plastics and Chemicals Businesses. He also served on the board of directors for Univation, a joint venture between Dow and Exxon. He retired from Dow in 2007. Kurt received his BS in Chemical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University and is a Registered Professional Engineer in Texas. Swogger has been honored with many distinguished awards. He received the US Medal of Technology, the Corporate Innovators Award, the American Chemical Society’s Chemical Leadership Award, and the AIChE Product Innovations Award. In addition to his leadership role at MRD, Kurt is also the Executive VP of Investments and a board member of Planned Innovation Institute and an active member in the Plastics Pioneers Association. To share his entrepreneurial expertise, Kurt serves on the board of several start-up companies, including Liquid Light, Wildcat Technologies, and Rennovia.

Randy Kinsel
Randy KinselManaging Member, Co-founder

Randy Kinsel is a Managing Member and Co-founder of Biopact. Randy co-founded Biopact with Kent Phelps after successful entrepreneurial endeavors in multiple industries. Randy was instrumental in securing Biopact's exclusive license from MRD to commercialize XACT in the global medical market. Prior to bringing in Dr. Dillon as CEO in 2015, Randy, as Co-CEO, coordinated Biopact's scientific, IP, and business development efforts in the medical field with the inventors' commercialization efforts in non-medical applications. He knows what it takes to drive a start-up to success, and plays an influential role in the development of Biopact’s business strategy.

Clive Bosnyak, Ph.D.
Clive Bosnyak, Ph.D.Member, Inventor, Co-founder

Clive Bosnyak, Ph.D. is a Member, Inventor and Co-founder of Biopact. Clive is a Member of MRMedical LLC, along with Kurt Swogger. Clive is Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of Molecular Rebar Design. Clive is also co-inventor of XACT and holds many patents. He is an active and valued scientific advisor on many Biopact initiatives. Clive is also founder of several other technology companies formed since 2006. Prior to co-founding MRD, Clive had a long and successful career at Dow Chemical Company. Clive is an award winning scientist, including “Inventor of the Year” from Houston IP Law Assoc. for the invention of MOLECULAR REBAR, and a recognized expert in industrial sciences, including nanotechnology, polymers, and energy. He earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom.

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Rick Panicucci

Rick Panicucci, PhD is a Scientific Advisory Board member and Vice President of Pharmaceutical Development at STA Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (A WuXi AppTec Company). At STA Rick is responsible for providing scientific leadership in the areas of Developability, Formulation Development and GMP Manufacturing. Ultimately responsible for the execution of all parenteral and oral dosage form programs, maintaining key client partnerships, assessing new technologies and building internal capacity through partnering or M&A.

Previous to STA Rick was Global Head of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Profiling (CPP) at Novartis from 2004 to 2015. Responsibilities included analytics, solid state chemistry, formulation development and drug delivery of the entire Novartis early R&D portfolio. Lead the development and implementation of innovative dosage form designs and continuous manufacturing paradigms. Assessed and managed external activities, academic and non-academic, involving the development of novel drug delivery technologies, devices, remote patient monitoring, eHealth and manufacturing technologies. Worked closely with Novartis BD&L and Venture Fund on many external deals such as Proteus Digital Health, MicroChips, 7th Sense Bio, West Pharma, Unilife, MIT and University of Toronto to mention a few.

Rick currently holds the position of Adjunct Professor at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy.

Other Previous positions include the Director of Formulation Development at Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Director of Research and Development at Symbollon Pharmaceuticals and Senior Scientist at Biogen. He started his career at Bausch & Lomb in the pre-formulation lab and was promoted to Manger of Process Development.

His education includes two post doctoral fellowships at University of California at Santa Barbara and the Ontario Cancer Institute. He received his Ph.D. in Physical Organic Chemistry from the University of Toronto.