Austin, TX (March 9, 2017) BioPact’s nanodelivery technology, MGMR®, demonstrated highly efficacious intracellular delivery of KLAKLAK, a pro-apoptotic peptide known to be cell membrane impermeable. When loaded on MGMR, KLAKLAK crossed the cell membrane of LNCaP human prostate cancer cells, triggering apoptosis in 100% of the cells in repeated studies.

KLAKLAK is a 1.5kD peptide with pro-apoptotic properties. MGMR binds to KLAKLAK with a high affinity and transports the peptide across the cell membrane without the need for targeting moieties to aid or enable the transport. MGMR, alone, is well tolerated by cells and, as expected, did not trigger cell death. KLAKLAK alone is unable to cross the cell membrane and cells are unaffected by its presence outside the cell. Only when combined were MGMR and KLAKLAK able to elicit an apoptotic effect on the cells, quantified by DAPI stain. The results were verified by repeated tests which confirm the apoptosis-inducing nature of the MGMR/KLAKLAK construct. MGMR has already demonstrated in other studies an ability to penetrate other cell types. MGMR brings superiority over other forms of cell transport delivery systems in that it has high loading efficiency (high therapeutic quantities to MGMR ratio), lacks the need for permeation moieties, can be used in a wide variety of cell types, and is able to scale manufacturing at an economical cost.

BioPact’s Chief Executive Officer, Joe Dillon, Ph.D., MBA commented, “This was a bellwether study for BioPact and an exciting beginning of further studies we are conducting to deliver difficult to target therapies.” Lainie Mulvanny, VP of Business Development noted “Practical intracellular delivery is clearly an unmet need in the drug delivery space. We are looking forward to discussing this data with our potential collaborative partners at BIO-Europe Spring this month.”

The ability to target intracellular peptides is a challenge in drug delivery. MGMR has demonstrated this successfully and BioPact will apply this method of transportation to other areas of therapeutic delivery. BioPact plans to produce multiple data sets in regards to cell penetration data with siRNA, proteins, blood-brain barrier passage with molecules, and gut survivability with active API in the first half of 2017.

About BioPact:

BioPact is a medical nanotechnology development company. Our drug delivery platform is a unique composition of matter derived from carbon nanotubes called Medical Grade MOLECULAR REBAR®, or MGMR. By utilizing MGMR, drug developers can address challenges in many arenas such as; controlled release, targeted delivery, transdermal delivery, toxicity or instability challenges, intracellular delivery, and crossing the blood-brain barrier. MGMR are discrete (individual), safe, free of impurities, open-ended, length controlled, and surface functionalized carbon nanotubes. The unique physical properties of these tubes overcome the limitations of traditional CNT’s which are impure, tangled carbon bundles. MGMR can be loaded internally with large and/or small molecules regardless of hydrophobicity and large and/or small molecules can be bonded to the exterior of the tube with multiple surface functionalities to optimize the molecule bond.

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