BioPact Story

What would happen to the human race if treatments for serious conditions targeted only the site of disease? What if you could take medical treatments used all the time, every day, all over the world and make them better? Medical devices became lighter, stronger, smarter? Drug delivery became more efficient than we thought possible? Life-saving research that never left the lab became commercially viable? What if we could crack a code that has baffled the scientific community for decades? Enter Medical Grade MOLECULAR REBAR®(MGMR®). A material that has finally unleashed the power and potential of the carbon nanotube for use in medical treatments and research. In short, MGMR is no longer a just a carbon nanotube, but something much more powerful. BioPact, developed in 2014, was created to bring this revolutionary technology to the medical market.

For decades, governments, academia and industry have attempted to tap the full potential of the carbon nanotube (CNT) without success. The extraordinary strength, absorption, and conductive properties of CNTs have caught the attention of medical research scientists in fields such as targeted and transdermal drug delivery, wound care, medical devices, diagnostics, ultrasound, stem cell scaffolding, bone growth and repair, tissue regeneration, neural regeneration, bio-sensors, 3-D printing, prosthetics, and orthopedics, to name a few. Despite their potential, like a raw ball of cotton or wool, the CNTs on the market are tangled up strands of CNTs. These “cotton balls” tend to stick together, making even disbursement of CNTs in fluids and materials difficult. Some have invented polymer formulations that disperse bundled CNTs evenly and provide some level of stability. Yet the full potential of CNTs in such formulations remain untapped because they are still tangled bundles of CNTs. Similar to what Eli Whitney’s cotton gin did for raw cotton, our breakthrough manufacturing process transforms bundled CNTs into individual, clean tubes. They so radically out-perform traditional carbon nanotubes that leading CNT experts say they barely resemble them. We have several granted and filed patents to demonstrate our differentiation. So we gave them a new name – Medical Grade Molecular Rebar, or MGMR. Learn more about MGMR