BioPact is a nano-technology development company based in Cambridge, MA. BioPact’s Medical Grade Molecular Rebar (MGMR®) is a unique composition of matter derived from carbon nanotubes. MGMR® is made up of discrete (individualized), medical grade, open-ended, length controlled, and surface functionalized carbon nanotubes. The unique physical and chemical properties of these tubes overcome the limitations of traditional dirty, tangled carbon nanotube bundles. Drugs or other bioactive substances may be loaded into the hollow tubes, bonded to the exterior of the tube, and/or capped at the end of each tube. The tubes themselves may also be sensitized by NIR and MRI. BioPact is focused on developing and partnering MGMR® for use in drug delivery, orthotics, regenerative medicine, devices, diagnostics, bio-sensors, material optimization and a number of other medical applications addressing substantial unmet needs in patient care. Please visit us at www.bio-pact.com.

By utilizing MGMR, drug developers can resolve challenges such as controlled-release, targeted delivery, transdermal delivery, toxicity, instability and passing through the blood-brain barrier. Developers can improve devices and their components by taking advantage of MGMR’s ability to be a scaffold, put into arrays, and controlled in other unique ways. Diagnostic developers can use the unique qualities of the tubes to act as carriers, targeters and signalers, as well as to sensitize the tube itself for special purpose diagnostics.


As BioPact’s Director of Research and Development, a role based in Austin, TX, you’ll report to the CEO. Competitive salary and equity-based bonus package available.

Duties include the following:

Lead BioPact’s internal scientific staff and work closely with our research partners and our affiliate company’s technical staff
Work with CRO’s and internal scientists: author protocols, reports, regulatory documents and presentations (internal and external)
Design, lead and perform preclinical drug development projects, including animal studies, to characterize functionality, bio-distribution and other properties of MGMR
Represent the company by working with potential and existing strategic partners
Present research and data to the Scientific Advisory Board
Participate in identifying and establishing relationships with KOL’s to facilitate MGMR discovery and data programs
Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders using data and strong presentation skills to provide decision support

3-5+ years relevant pharma/biotech industry experience
Ph.D. in a related area
Experience managing people and laboratory activities
Working knowledge of nano-technology used in the medical field
Working knowledge of drug delivery
Experience with carbon nanotubes
Strong inter-personal and presentation skills

Please email your resume and cover letter to: HR@bio-pact.com.

Or mail to:

Human Resources

BioPact Ventures, LLC

245 First Street

Riverview II, 18th Floor

Kendall Square

Cambridge, MA 02142