Cambridge, MA- (May 10, 2016) BioPact announced tolerability assessment data of its MGMR® (Medical Grade Molecular Rebar) nanotechnology. Study results indicated the maximum tolerated dose of MGMR is 180% higher than the therapeutically significant dose that was used in its previous successful safety study. Secondary endpoints indicated that multiple daily dosing was deemed well tolerated and represents a 60% increase in dosage from the previous study. These results open MGMR to a vast array of potential uses in a broad range of medical applications, including drugs requiring high dosing volumes.

BioPact’s Chief Executive Officer, Joe Dillon, Ph.D., MBA commented, “The results of our MTD study well exceeded our expectations and we look forward to sharing the data with our collaboration partners.” Lainie Mulvanny, VP of Business Development said “Using the data from the MTD study, we have now started our biodistribution and clearance study and expect to have more results to share in early June.”

About BioPact:

BioPact is a nanotechnology development company. BioPact’s Medical Grade Molecular Rebar (MGMR®), is a unique composition of matter derived from carbon nanotubes. MGMR® are discrete (individual), length controlled, surface functionalized, open-ended, medical grade carbon nanotubes. The unique physical and chemical properties of these tubes overcome the limitations of traditional dirty, tangled carbon nanotube bundles. BioPact is focused on developing and partnering MGMR® for use in drug delivery, orthotics, regenerative medicine, devices, diagnostics, bio-sensors, material optimization and a number of other medical applications addressing substantial unmet needs in patient care. Please visit us at

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