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BioPact, a Cambridge based company, announced the launch of new research and development kits featuring their revolutionary nanomaterial. Their launch coincides with the largest gathering in biotech, the Bio International Conferencein Philadelphia, June 15-18. The BioPact team is exhibiting the new kits in the Massachusetts Pavilion (booth #2927) and they’re also available for purchase online at

For decades, carbon nanotubes – or CNTs – have generated tremendous excitement in the medical research community, but the arrival of practical, scalable, potentially life-saving CNTs always seemed years away.

BioPact has transformed CNTs into a new composition that will revolutionize the way researchers target and treat a wide variety of cancers and other diseases. This reimagined nanotube is known as Medical Grade Molecular Rebar, or MGMR, and it marks a complete departure from the dirty, tangled micron bundles that have frustrated medical researchers for years. BioPact has not only cracked the carbon nanotube code, but they’ve scaled production to meet the commercial demands of pharmaceutical companies.

Traditional Carbon Nanotubes Bio-Pact's MGMR

Traditional Carbon Nanotubes (Left) BioPact’s MGMR (Right)

Less than a micron in length, MGMR is composed of discrete, multi-walled carbon nanotubes, and multiple animal studies by independent scientists have demonstrated it is non-cytotoxic.  BioPact’s R&D kits provide immediate access to the material; thus allowing researchers and patients to benefit from the development of medical applications that utilize MGMR. The material is now offered in four different R&D kits with options for medical researchers in drug delivery, diagnostics and devices.
The Bio-Target Kit was developed to provide simple and rapid binding to active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) or other molecules to the surface of MGMR for cytology and preclinical pharmacokinetic studies. Similar to specific binding proteins but more universal in its utilization, this kit provides universal peptide carts for drug binding without the complications of covalent attachment.


The Bio-Fill kit allows for drugs to be filled 4-25oC in less than a few hours (depending on the size of the drug being loaded). Most methods use high temperatures (>70oC) and/or overnight incubation to fill CNT with active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) or other molecules.  The Bio-Fill kit provides a much more effective way to conduct drug delivery research.


The Bio-Sensor Kit boosts sensitivity and signal amplification, and can be used for coupling to any protein, peptide or nucleic acid labeled through the carboxyl group functionalized MGMR-COOH or a primary amino group MGMR-NH2 Once functionalized, the conjugates can be used for biosensor and/or IVD diagnostic applications where high sensitivity is a requirement for the assay.

The Bio-Discover Kit supplies researchers with unconjugated MGMR, suitable for a wide array of applications beyond drug delivery and IVD diagnostics/biosensor applications. MGMR® is non cytotoxic, highly dispersible and provides structural integrity to any molecular scaffold. This kit can be used on an analytical scale to test coatings and biomaterial application of medical grade multiwall carbon nanotubes.

“The kits provide easy access to a breakthrough technology that’s going to have an immediate impact on the research community, and that ultimately translates to better patient care”, says Lainie Mulvanny, VP of Business Development.