Research Collaborators

Medical Grade MOLECULAR REBAR®(MGMR™) has the potential to make an important impact on research in a wide variety of applications including:

  • Drug Delivery
  • Transdermal Delivery
  • Cancer Therapy
  • Autoimmune Therapy
  • Diagnostics
  • Orthotics
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Devices

Our Academic Research Collaborator program is designed to accelerate the progression of data for BioPact’s novel technology, MGMR. The program is open to all academia who are conducting research for non-clinical purposes. The researcher has the potential to make future publications. MGMR, essential materials, and scientific support to optimize protocols, will be provided at no cost to the institution and/or the researcher.

BioPact is currently accepting research proposals.

For Questions or to receive a Research Collaborator proposal form email: The scientific team will evaluate the project, and when approved, provide the organization the appropriate R&D kit for your research success.



The Bio-Discover Kit supplies researchers with unconjugated MGMR, suitable for a wide array of applications beyond drug delivery and IVD diagnostics/biosensor applications. MGMR is non cytotoxic, highly dispersible and provides structural integrity to any molecular scaffold. This kit can be used on an analytical scale as an additive to improve the properties of new coatings and other biomaterials or other applications of medical grade multiwall carbon nanotubes.




The Bio-Target Kit was developed to facilitate simple and rapid binding of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), fluorescent tags, or other molecules to the surface of MGMR for cytology and preclinical pharmacokinetic studies. Similar to specific binding proteins but more universal in its utilization, this kit provides a simple and easy to use universal peptide delivery vehicle for drug binding with higher payloads than can be achieved by other methods.




The Bio-Sensor Kit boosts sensitivity and signal amplification, and can be used for coupling to any protein, peptide or nucleic acid by conjugating to a carboxyl group (MGMR-COOH) or a primary amine group (MGMR-NH2). Once functionalized, the conjugates can be used for biosensor and/or IVD diagnostic applications where high sensitivity is a requirement for the assay.




The Bio-Fill Kit is designed for drug delivery research. It allows for drugs to be filled at 4-25o C in as little as an hour (depending on the size of the drug being loaded). The Bio-Fill kit provides a much more effective and inexpensive way to conduct drug delivery research both in vitro and in vivo by employing MGMR, a drug delivery material demonstrated to be non-toxic and non-cytotoxic.